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Now you're able to order local delivery from your favorite Subway, in Louisville, CO and in Broomfield, CO!   

This is the FAQ section, where you'll find answers to your common questions about take-out, delivery, and payments for your local Flatiron Colorado Subways.

1. What is your delivery fee?
Our delivery fee is $1.50 per order during the day and $2.00 per order in the evening

2. Why was the delivery fee increased?
The delivery fee was increased effective January 1, 2018 due to the increase in minimum wage and labor costs.  Use our easy group ordering feature to save on delivery fee!  See below on how group ordering works.

3. Do you accept Subway gift cards?
We are unable to accept Subway gift cards online, but we accept most major credit cards.

4. How far do you deliver?
We deliver within a 3 mile radius from each restaurant.

5. What are the different categories on the menu?

Subways generally offer food that is customized.  However, we have created different categories in the menu that include:

a. All Sandwiches Customized/Build your own - Sandwiches that can be customized to your preference

b. Standardized Sandwiches - Sandwiches for faster ordering

c. Cold Sandwiches - Sandwiches are recommended cold when they are being order in larger quantities and for a group of people

d. Breakfast - Egg sandwiches

e. Chopped Salads - Pre-selected veggies for faster ordering but can be still be customized. 

f. Catering - Sandwich Platters, Meat & Cheese Platters, Giant Subs, Cookie Platter, Boxed Lunches

6. How does group ordering work with your website?
With group ordering, you can invite others to join your order. You can either choose to "host" the meal by selecting the items you'd like to pay for, or have each individual pay for their own meal. As the organizer of the meal, you can review the order before it is submitted to the restaurant. To get started, simply click the blue "start a group order" button on the top right of the menu. Enter a welcome message to be displayed to the individuals you invite to the order, then click "invite via email" to enter their email addresses. A notification will be sent, and they can join the order. If the users do no pay for their items individually, you as the host will have to pay before the order can be submitted. The restaurant will receive one consolidated order with the name of each user next to their items!